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Sk. Nasir Ahmed vs Md.,Jamal Uddin Chess Game

Chess game played between Sk. Nasir Ahmed and Md.,Jamal Uddin in TCh-BAN Premier 2018 started with Robatsch (modern) defence Opening with score 1-0.

Sk. Nasir Ahmed FM (2119)
Md.,Jamal Uddin (2001)

Event: TCh-BAN Premier 2018
Round: 1.2
Game Date: 6 December 2018

Game Moves
1. e4 g6 2. d4 Bg7 3. Nc3 d6 4. Bg5 Nd7 5. Qd2 c5 6. d5 a6 7. a4 Qa5 8. f4 Ngf6 9. Ra3 Qb4 10. Rb3 Qd4 11. Nf3 Qxd2+ 12. Nxd2 h6 13. Bh4 Nh5 14. Ne2 Rb8 15. a5 b5 16. Bf2 O-O 17. g3 Nhf6 18. Bg2 Bb7 19. h3 c4 20. Re3 Nc5 21. O-O Rfc8 22. b3 cxb3 23. cxb3 Ncd7 24. Rd3 Nc5 25. Re3 h5 26. Rc1 Ncd7 27. Rec3 Rxc3 28. Nxc3 Rc8 29. Ne2 Rxc1+ 30. Nxc1 Nc5 31. Bxc5 dxc5 32. Nd3 h4 33. g4 Nd7 34. e5 Kf8 35. Kf1 g5 36. e6 Nf6 37. Nxc5 Bxd5 38. fxg5 Bxg2+ 39. Kxg2 Nd5 40. Nde4 Nf4+ 41. Kf3 Nxe6 42. Nxe6+ fxe6

Result: 1-0.

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Chess Game Information

Player White Sk. Nasir Ahmed 2119
Player Black Md.,Jamal Uddin 2001
Game Result 1-0
Chess Tournament TCh-BAN Premier 2018
Round 1.2
Game Date 2018-12-06
Event Date 2018.12.06
Game Opening B06 Robatsch (modern) defence

Game PGN Notation

[Event "TCh-BAN Premier 2018"]
[Date "2018-12-06"]
[EventDate "2018.12.06"]
[Round "1.2"]
[Result "1-0"]
[White "Sk. Nasir Ahmed"]
[Black "Md.,Jamal Uddin"]
[ECO "B06"]
[WhiteElo "2119"]
[BlackElo "2001"]
1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Nc3 d6 4.Bg5 Nd7 5.Qd2 c5 6.d5 a6 7.a4 Qa5 8.f4 Ngf6 9.Ra3 Qb4 10.Rb3 Qd4 11.Nf3 Qxd2+ 12.Nxd2 h6 13.Bh4 Nh5 14.Ne2 Rb8 15.a5 b5 16.Bf2 O-O 17.g3 Nhf6 18.Bg2 Bb7 19.h3 c4 20.Re3 Nc5 21.O-O Rfc8 22.b3 cxb3 23.cxb3 Ncd7 24.Rd3 Nc5 25.Re3 h5 26.Rc1 Ncd7 27.Rec3 Rxc3 28.Nxc3 Rc8 29.Ne2 Rxc1+ 30.Nxc1 Nc5 31.Bxc5 dxc5 32.Nd3 h4 33.g4 Nd7 34.e5 Kf8 35.Kf1 g5 36.e6 Nf6 37.Nxc5 Bxd5 38.fxg5 Bxg2+ 39.Kxg2 Nd5 40.Nde4 Nf4+ 41.Kf3 Nxe6 42.Nxe6+ fxe6 1-0

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