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Uten vs Showkat Pollab Hossain Chess Game

Chess game played between Uten and Showkat Pollab Hossain in TCh-BAN Premier 2018 started with Scandinavian (centre counter) defence Opening with score 1-0.

Uten (2114)
Showkat Pollab Hossain (2131)

Event: TCh-BAN Premier 2018
Round: 5.3
Game Date: 10 December 2018

Game Moves
1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Qxd5 3. d4 Nf6 4. c4 Qd6 5. Nf3 Bg4 6. Be2 e6 7. O-O Nbd7 8. c5 Qe7 9. Bf4 Nd5 10. Bg3 c6 11. Nc3 N7f6 12. Ne5 Bxe2 13. Qxe2 Qd8 14. Nc4 Be7 15. Nd6+ Bxd6 16. Bxd6 Nxc3 17. bxc3 Qa5 18. Rab1 b5 19. c4 a6 20. Rfd1 O-O-O 21. d5 exd5 22. cxd5 Rhe8 23. Qf3 cxd5 24. g4 Qa4 25. Ra1 Qb4 26. Rdb1 Qd2 27. Qa3 a5 28. Qh3 Re6 29. Rxb5 Kd7 30. Rf1 Ke8 31. Qg3 g6 32. Bc7 Ra8 33. Bxa5 Rxa5 34. Rb8+ Ke7 35. Qc7+

Result: 1-0.

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Chess Game Information

Player White Uten 2114
Player Black Showkat Pollab Hossain 2131
Game Result 1-0
Chess Tournament TCh-BAN Premier 2018
Round 5.3
Game Date 2018-12-10
Event Date 2018.12.10
Game Opening B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defence

Game PGN Notation

[Event "TCh-BAN Premier 2018"]
[Date "2018-12-10"]
[EventDate "2018.12.10"]
[Round "5.3"]
[Result "1-0"]
[White "Uten"]
[Black "Hossain,P"]
[ECO "B01"]
[WhiteElo "2114"]
[BlackElo "2131"]
1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.d4 Nf6 4.c4 Qd6 5.Nf3 Bg4 6.Be2 e6 7.O-O Nbd7 8.c5 Qe7 9.Bf4 Nd5 10.Bg3 c6 11.Nc3 N7f6 12.Ne5 Bxe2 13.Qxe2 Qd8 14.Nc4 Be7 15.Nd6+ Bxd6 16.Bxd6 Nxc3 17.bxc3 Qa5 18.Rab1 b5 19.c4 a6 20.Rfd1 O-O-O 21.d5 exd5 22.cxd5 Rhe8 23.Qf3 cxd5 24.g4 Qa4 25.Ra1 Qb4 26.Rdb1 Qd2 27.Qa3 a5 28.Qh3 Re6 29.Rxb5 Kd7 30.Rf1 Ke8 31.Qg3 g6 32.Bc7 Ra8 33.Bxa5 Rxa5 34.Rb8+ Ke7 35.Qc7+ 1-0

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