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Marcin Sieciechowicz vs Dawid Niekras Chess Game

Chess game played between Marcin Sieciechowicz and Dawid Niekras in 23rd Poznan Open 2015 with score .

Marcin Sieciechowicz IM (2449)
Dawid Niekras (2212)

Event: 23rd Poznan Open 2015
Round: 7.3
Game Date: 15 August 2015

Game Moves

Result: .

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Chess Game Information

Player White Marcin Sieciechowicz 2449
Player Black Dawid Niekras 2212
Game Result
Chess Tournament 23rd Poznan Open 2015
Round 7.3
Game Date 2015-08-15
Event Date 2015.08.15
Game Opening

Game PGN Notation

[Event "23rd Poznan Open 2015"]
[Date "2015-08-15"]
[EventDate "2015.08.15"]
[Round "7.3"]
[Result ""]
[White "Marcin Sieciechowicz"]
[Black "Dawid Niekras"]
[WhiteElo "2449"]
[BlackElo "2212"]

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