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Roque Marin Munoz vs Vaz,Jose Angelo Chess Game

Chess game played between Roque Marin Munoz and Vaz,Jose Angelo in American Continental 2014 with score .

Roque Marin Munoz (2076)
Vaz,Jose Angelo (0)

Event: American Continental 2014
Round: 1.99
Game Date: 18 October 2014

Game Moves
1. O-O O-O

Result: .

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Chess Game Information

Player White Roque Marin Munoz 2076
Player Black Vaz,Jose Angelo 0
Game Result
Chess Tournament American Continental 2014
Round 1.99
Game Date 2014-10-18
Event Date 2014.10.18
Game Opening A00

Game PGN Notation

[Event "American Continental 2014"]
[Date "2014-10-18"]
[EventDate "2014.10.18"]
[Round "1.99"]
[Result ""]
[White "Marin Munoz,R"]
[Black "Vaz,Jose Angelo"]
[ECO "A00"]
[WhiteElo "2076"]
1.O-O O-O

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