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Vignir Vatnar Stefansson vs Johann Ingvason Chess Game

Chess game played between Vignir Vatnar Stefansson and Johann Ingvason in Reykjavik Congress 2019 started with Benko gambit Opening Zaitsev system variation with score 1-0.

Vignir Vatnar Stefansson FM (2248)
Johann Ingvason (2175)

Event: Reykjavik Congress 2019
Round: 5.2
Game Date: 20 January 2019

Game Moves
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 b5 4. cxb5 a6 5. Nc3 g6 6. e4 d6 7. Nf3 Bg7 8. Be2 O-O 9. O-O axb5 10. Bxb5 Qa5 11. Nd2 Ba6 12. Nc4 Qc7 13. Qe2 Nbd7 14. Bd2 Nh5 15. a4 Bd4 16. Bxa6 Rxa6 17. Nb5 Qb7 18. Nxd4 cxd4 19. b4 Ne5 20. Nxe5 dxe5 21. b5 Rb6 22. Rfb1 Rb8 23. Rb3 f5 24. f3 fxe4 25. fxe4 Rf6 26. a5 Qa7 27. Qd3 Qa8 28. Bg5 Nf4 29. Bxf4 Rxf4 30. b6 Rf6 31. Rbb1 Kg7 32. Qb5 h5 33. Rc1 Rb7 34. Rc6 Rf4 35. a6 Rxe4 36. Qb1 d3 37. axb7 Ra4

Result: 1-0.

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Chess Game Information

Player White Vignir Vatnar Stefansson 2248
Player Black Johann Ingvason 2175
Game Result 1-0
Chess Tournament Reykjavik Congress 2019
Round 5.2
Game Date 2019-01-20
Event Date 2019.01.20
Game Opening A57 Benko gambit Zaitsev system

Game PGN Notation

[Event "Reykjavik Congress 2019"]
[Date "2019-01-20"]
[EventDate "2019.01.20"]
[Round "5.2"]
[Result "1-0"]
[White "Vignir Vatnar Stefansson"]
[Black "Johann Ingvason"]
[ECO "A57"]
[WhiteElo "2248"]
[BlackElo "2175"]
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 4.cxb5 a6 5.Nc3 g6 6.e4 d6 7.Nf3 Bg7 8.Be2 O-O 9.O-O axb5 10.Bxb5 Qa5 11.Nd2 Ba6 12.Nc4 Qc7 13.Qe2 Nbd7 14.Bd2 Nh5 15.a4 Bd4 16.Bxa6 Rxa6 17.Nb5 Qb7 18.Nxd4 cxd4 19.b4 Ne5 20.Nxe5 dxe5 21.b5 Rb6 22.Rfb1 Rb8 23.Rb3 f5 24.f3 fxe4 25.fxe4 Rf6 26.a5 Qa7 27.Qd3 Qa8 28.Bg5 Nf4 29.Bxf4 Rxf4 30.b6 Rf6 31.Rbb1 Kg7 32.Qb5 h5 33.Rc1 Rb7 34.Rc6 Rf4 35.a6 Rxe4 36.Qb1 d3 37.axb7 Ra4 1-0

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