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Christopher Devine


Christopher Devine is a chess player who was born in 1982 and has 8 chess games in our database. Christopher Devine plays for Netherlands.

Christopher Devine FIDE Chess Ratings

Standard Rating2114
Rapid Rating2088
Blitz Rating2086

Christopher Devine Chess Games Results


Mostly Played Openings as White

ECOOpening Name
D02Queen's pawn game
A98Dutch Ilyin-Genevsky variation with Qc2
D77Neo-Gruenfeld, 6.O-O

Mostly Played Openings as Black

ECOOpening Name
A15English opening
B09Pirc Austrian attack, dragon formation
B08Pirc classical system, 5.Be2

Christopher Devine Chess Games

Bachofner,C vs Devine,ChristopherTCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-1910 March 20190-1
Devine,Christopher vs Konstantin PeyrerTCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-1913 January 20191/2-1/2
Pribitzer,Stefan vs Devine,ChristopherTCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-1912 January 20190-1
Devine,Christopher vs Dittel,HerbertTCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-19 1 December 20181-0
Devine,Christopher vs Lipp,ATCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-19 4 November 20181-0
Devine,Christopher vs Todor,RTCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-19 3 November 20180-1
Devine,Christopher vs Johannes PernerstorferTCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-19 7 October 20181/2-1/2
Pichler,A vs Devine,ChristopherTCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2018-19 6 October 20180-1