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Noah Siegel

United States of America

Noah Siegel is a chess player who was born in 1982 and has 4 chess games in our database. Noah Siegel plays for United States of America.

Noah Siegel FIDE Chess Ratings

Standard Rating2222
Rapid Rating2215
Blitz Rating0

Noah Siegel Chess Games Results


Mostly Played Openings as White

ECOOpening Name
E11Bogo-Indian defence, Gruenfeld variation
E70King's Indian 4.e4
D37QGD 4.Nf3

Mostly Played Openings as Black

ECOOpening Name
D19QGD Slav Dutch variation

Noah Siegel Chess Games

Siegel,N vs Sigurjonsson,StTCh-ISL Div 2 2018-1911 November 20181-0
Asgeirsson,H vs Siegel,NTCh-ISL Div 2 2018-1910 November 20181-0
Siegel,N vs Brynjarsson,HTCh-ISL Div 2 2018-1910 November 20180-1
Siegel,N vs Thorsteinsson,ETCh-ISL Div 2 2018-19 9 November 20181-0