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Saif Shawkat

United States of America

Saif Shawkat is a chess player who was born in 1999 and has 3 chess games in our database. Saif Shawkat plays for United States of America.

Saif Shawkat FIDE Chess Ratings

Standard Rating1930
Rapid Rating0
Blitz Rating0

Saif Shawkat Chess Games Results


Mostly Played Openings as White

ECOOpening Name
E94King's Indian orthodox variation
A45Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky opening)

Mostly Played Openings as Black

ECOOpening Name
A45Queen's pawn game

Saif Shawkat Chess Games

Saif Shawkat vs Josh Bloomer119th US Open 2018 5 August 20180-1
Stanislav Kitsis vs Saif ShawkatNational Open 201824 June 20181-0
Saif Shawkat vs Steve WongsoNational Open 201824 June 20181/2-1/2